Photography has been a true passion since my father gave me my first Kodak Brownie camera. Ever since, I have been taking photographs of people, nature, and the many parts of the world that I have been lucky enough to live and visit.

I have studied formally at the International Center of Photography and the New York Institute of Photography, and my prize-winning black and white photographs have been showcased in Japan and the United States. I exhibited for many years at Gallery 14 in Hopewell, New Jersey.  I am currently using high end Nikon digital cameras and process and print all my own work

I love photographing people. For me, the one photograph in a thousand that reveals something about a person is really special. If my photographs of a person are able to portray some inner feeling about the individual—a particular strength of character, a confidence in what they are doing, an obvious love for another, a time of reflection, or just a simple delight in the moment—then I am happy.

I also love to finding beauty in the mundane. Traveling around truck stops in the US, railway stations in Tokyo or the bridges and highways of New Jersey always present new challenges to find beautiful and interesting images.

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